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TrackSweat® is a native mobile application available in both Android and iOS for tracking physical exercises, with the initial release focusing on tracking Runs and Walks. TrackSweat® allows users to track their performance against targets determined by the organizations' wellness center to promote healthy living and work-life balance.

TrackSweat® for Employees & Medical Scheme Members

  • Allow Employees and Medical Scheme Members to complete challenges at their own pace.
  • Run Awareness Campaigns for users to download the TrackSweat® App.
  • Wellness Centre clearly communicate the functions that are available in the TrackSweat® App.

TrackSweat® for Employees & Medical Scheme Members

Why TrackSweat®

Better Communication

Shared Activity platform encourages end users to communicate with each other to complete challenges.

Improved Morale

The challenges creates an environment that is nice and fun to work in.

Improved Mental Health

Getting out and taking part in physical activities is great way to clear the head and feel healthier which will have a great impact on a person’s mental health.

Connect Remote Teams

This allows for team members who may be quite isolated to feel closer to the wider team and help improve their connection to the business and their peers.

TrackSweat® Newsroom and Upcoming Events

Latest Events

September 14, 2022 Admin

TrackSweat® Exhibition 2022

The first ever TrackSweat® show case will be at the Sandton Convention Centre on the 19th of September 2022. This marks a very huge milestone in Bantusoft product offerings, also puts Bantusoft in the map for health and wellness sector.

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Team challenge

Partner up -
Double Power

TrackSweat® App in Pictures

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Product of BantuSoft

Inspired by Covid 19 effects and hard lockdowns regulations. Tracksweat® is a b2b wellness, fitness and performance solution with the initial released focused on organizations setting targets for running and walking and running exercises. The App was developed to allow team participation (virtually) during hard lockdown that was imposed in 2020 and today it can still achieve the same team morale and team work.​

TrackSweat® App enhances practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. You don’t need to be a marathon runner or go on a restrictive diet to implement wellness into your everyday life. Even running for 20 minutes daily (or 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week) will get your heart pumping and give your muscles a good workout. Moreover, running is almost free, save for the cost of a pair of good running shoes.

As a moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise, running offers many physiological, psychological and cardiovascular health benefits, even for a recreational runner. Exercise burns fat, builds muscle, lowers cholesterol, eases stress and anxiety, lets us sleep restfully. TreakSweat® App matches your exercise needs -- at every fitness level.

In order to maximize training adaptations and physical performance, practitioners should correctly manipulate training and exercise parameters (e.g., volume, intensity, distribution) across the training process. Thus, the training process requires a stricter monitoring and a closer examination of training loads and its effects, and therefore the training load should be carefully planned for the optimization of athletic performance and health hence TreakSweat®.